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Kentucky Dialect

  • Bub- what you screw into a light fixture
  • Error- you shoot this from a bow
  • Flow- carpet is layed on this
  • Goggles- she goggles her throat wash every morning
  • Grind- plants grow out of this
  • Hair- where you are
  • Lion- what you are doing if you aren’t telling the truth
  • Lord- used for frying and baking
  • Pears- she pears to be sickly
  • Poach- a place to sit and relax
  • Skull- what some kids drop out from
  • Spell- come sit a spell
  • Ward- umpires have the last one
  • Badder- worse
  • Dogging- to tell a lie
  • Eating Table- dinner table
  • Everwhich- take everywhich you want
  • Everwhat- everwhat you say is fair
  • Hurt- I ain’t hurting for food
  • Pay No Mind- to pay no attention
  • Sop- gravy
  • Take down with- become sick
  • Unalike- unlike
  • Wash-off- bath

Doctor C.V. Heistand was a real country doctor. At age 78, he was still traveling 30,000 miles a year to treat patients in six Kentucky counties and delivered 5,400 babies since 1898. Below are excerpts from a newspaper article by the Courier Journal Frankfort Bureau about his experiences- I believe to be from 1949.