Renovation of Houses In the Portland Neighborhood

Sometimes selling or buying a house has a lot of “red tape” attached to it,
BUT what about
the red tape that is appearing on Portland Avenue?
Work has finally begun on a few houses in the Portland neighborhood that were purchased at the beginning of this year for total renovation. Oracle Design Group Inc. purchased the two properties at 24th Street and Portland Avenue. This group has begun work to transform them into quality homes. The houses will be made available for rental units for the first fifteen years and at the end of that set amount of time, the properties will be available for purchase.

The work that Oracle Design Group Inc. is looking to accomplish will provide Portland with a safer environment. Oracle Design Group Inc. realizes that many of the older homes in the neighborhood have lead based paint issues. This will not be the case for the properties they are looking to renovate as proper removal guidelines are being followed to remove the lead. These attributes of Oracle’s renovation plan will encourage a higher design standard for any future construction in Portland.

The president of Oracle Design Group Inc. is Dr. Mark T. Wright who received his Doctorate in Urban and Public Affairs, Planning and Development from the University of Louisville. He is married to Caryn A. Winter and together they own and operate Oracle Design Group. Among other honors, Dr. Wright received the President’s Award from the University of Louisville, as well as The Cornerstone 2020 Award for Excellence in Design in a Traditional Workplace. For his work establishing a mentoring program for at risk children in Louisville’s Middle Schools, he was awarded The Apple from the Teachers Award from the Jefferson County School Systems. In 2001, he was presented The First Annual Architect’s Award for Excellence in Community Design.

Chris Byrd is also a valued member of the Oracle team. He holds a Bachelors of Architecture from the University of Kentucky. Mr. Byrd is currently the Project Manager for Oracle Single Family Homes Revitalization 2009. He is also certified in Lead Safe Work Practices, Lead Worker and Renovator.

The purchase of these few houses should be viewed as successful for our Portland neighbors. Many of the homes were owned by Portland residents that had been on the market for some time without a prospect of a buyer. The homes being renovated will provide quality housing for other Portland residents. Oracle has experience with a variety of housing programs and has developed affordable housing in Louisville and the surrounding areas.

Many in the real estate industry feel that for improvement to happen there must be a mixture of rental and homeowners in our area. We need to consider quality housing for our neighbors who may not qualify to become a homeowner. There are many residents who may not be able to buy due to situations and circumstances outside their control that deserve quality housing.
The Oracle Design Group Inc. looks to provide this quality as they move forward in the renovations in the Portland neighborhood.

2 responses

  1. As both a lifelong resident of this community and a real estate attorney who has practiced in the Louisville area for twelve years, it is vitally important that areas such as the Portland neighborhood take all steps possible to revitalize the community. Within the past decade, downtown Louisville has gone through a similar revitalization process, and it has been nothing short of a miracle what this development has done, not only for downtown but for the entire region in general. With the renovation of both residential and commercial properties, it has brought new life back into the area. With the help of the Oracle Design Group, there is no reason that this same effect could not be felt in Portland as well. This group has a proven track record of success in projects such as this, and that is the key to entrusting projects such as this to a single developer. They will be able to enhance the residences throughout the community, which leads to an overall safer community, and could ultimately lead to more business being brought back to Portland that has been lost in the past. All in all, it is a no-lose proposition for the residents of Portland.

  2. Sharon Barmore Munley | Reply

    I love Portland. In 2009, I retired and was on the Web looking to buy property to suppliment my income. I am from Louisville and was drawn to Portland because prices are affordable. I spent time there that summer and discovered that Portland meant a lot more to me than just rental property. I found my Barmore ancestors who fought on both sides in 1776, moved there after the War. By the 1800s by great grandfathers John Barmore, a fisherman, and Frank Nicoulin, a blacksmith, both lived on Shippingport Island. My grandparents were born there and so was my father. As I spent time there I felt those ancestors calling me to get involved and help put Portland back together. I hope to return there next Spring and do what ever I can. Twenty years of being a Union Official may have given me the political training to push Louisville to get going with the redevelopment of Portland and to find partners to get training and jobs there. I can envision streets with neat white houses, with jewel toned roofs, doors and shutters, white picket fences, and lots of colorful flowers in neatly groomed yards. I can see a campus for folks to further their education, (instead of an insulting boxing gym to learn marketable skills). I can see shops, restaurants, any maybe an annual Portland Festival. I understand that part of the problem may be the Council Districts have been drawn to split up Portland giving no one Councilmember enough to care about. Maybe that should change. I still want to buy property there and form the Barmore Nicoulin Foundation, giving low cost housing to those who do not qualify for Sec.8, but are in school, who have kids and need a leg up. If a reader of this blog sees how I may help now, from Florida, please contact me via my email. Sharon Barmore Munley

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