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Folk Medicine

Folk Medicine

Folk Medicine or Old Wise Tales?

* The blood of a black chicken rubbed on the affected area will cure shingles.

* Black chickens will bring out chickenpox if you go out to the chicken coop after the sun goes down and let one fly over you.

* Tea made from hot water and corn silk will cure bed wetting in children.

* The root of rhubarb worn on a string around your neck will prevent stomachaches.

* Tie a big red onion to the bedpost and it keeps the ones in the bed from having colds.

* Eat sorghum molasses, raisins, and onions to prevent boils caused by impure blood.

* A dirty sock worn around the neck when you go bed will cure a sore throat.

* Don’t let the moonlight shine on your face while your sleeping, it will cause you to go crazy.

* A buckeye carried in the pocket will cure rheumatism.

* Don’t cut your hair in the dark of the moon or it may cause you to go bald.

* Tea made from sumac leaves are good for and can cure asthma and hay fever.

* An iron key pressed to the back of the neck will cure a nosebleed.

* Tie a string around the little toe of your right foot to stop a toothache on the left jaw. For the right jaw reverse the directions.

* Rub a wart with a slice of potato or stolen dishrag, bury the object and as it rots the wart will disappear.

* Killing a chicken and wrapping the warm body around the a rattlesnake bit will draw the poison out.

* An ax put under the bed will ‘cut” labor pains.

* For colic use catnip tea.

* Use garlic, Epsom salt, and binegar to treat high blood pressure.

* Treat measles with corn-shuck tea and ice water.

* Rub snuff onto a bee sting to ease the pain and draw out the poison.

* Use soot from the stove to stop bleeding from cuts.

* Soak snakebites in kerosene.

* Press a cold butter knife to the back of the neck to stop nosebleeds.

* Brew sassafras, catnip, horehound and pennyroyal into teas to treat coughs and colds.

* Boil the twigs and leaves of a red cedar to inhale for bronchitis.

* For a fever make the a tea from white and black willow leaves and bark.

* The pitch from a white pine tree will heal wounds and sores.

* Powdered bark of the hemlock will slow bleeding from a wound.

* For a toothache use cooked pine needles.

* Use rhododendron oil for rheumatism.

* For congestion use a mustard plaster. Leave on until skin is pink but not blistered.

* To draw out infections from wounds use yarrow and jimson weed poultices.

* To cure a wart rub a kernel of corn on the it. Wrap it up like a gift and place it in the fork of two roads during a full moon.

* Make a mud plaster to relieve pain from a sting.

* Use vinegar to help ease the pain of a sunburn.

* Asthma may be cured by keeping a “Mexican hairless” Chihuahua dog in the house.

* By saying these words you can get rid of a sty- “Sty, sty, leave my eye; catch the first one passing by.”

* Wear a copper bracelet to cure rheumatism.

* A lead fishing sinker worn on a string around the neck will cure nosebleeds.

* Use honey and apple cider for arthritis.

* Place a broom straw on top of a baby’s head to cure the hiccups.

* Place a dime under the upper lip to stop nose bleeds.

* To purify the blood drink juice from carrots.

* The touch from the hand of a seventh son cures the bite of a mad dog.

* Boil together sheep’s suet and the rind of the elder-tree to make an ointment that will cure a burn without leaving a mark.

* To heal a bruise heat a big stone in a fire and when red-hot throw it into water. Use the water to bathe the bruise.

* Tie an eel’s skin around a knee to ease pain.

*Wool taken from a black sheep, and worn constantly in the ear will cure an earache.

*For weak eyes boil down flowers of daises boil to make a eye wash.

*For a fever, place the person on the sandy shore when the tide is coming in. The retreating waves will carry away the disease and leave him well.

*For freckles use distilled water of walnuts (used as a wash) to make the skin fair and clear.

*To cure hip disease gather three green stones from a running brook and between midnight and morning uncover the limb and rub each stone several times downwards from the hip to the toe repeating…

Wear away, wear away,

There you shall not stay,

Cruel pain – away, away.

*To cure Jaundice gather nine young shoots from the root of an ash tree that had been cut down. Place in a bottle, then bury it in a secluded spot without the person seeing it. As long as the bottle remains in the ground he is safe from the disease.

*Tie a bunch of mint around the wrist to settle the stomach.

*Avoid a toothache and never shave on Sunday.

* To cure a toothache rub a dead horse’s tooth over the jaw to ease the pain.

* To freshen your breath use parsley.

* To remove warts take some of the clay from under the feet of the men who carry a coffin and apply it to the wart. Wish strongly at the same time that it will disappear.

* To give a wart to another tie up some pebbles in a bag with a piece of silver money. Throw it on the road. Whoever finds the bag and keeps the money will also get the wart.

* To cure hiccups drink lemonade.

* Use licorice for coughs and colds.

* To whiten teeth eat strawberries.

* Use cod liver oil to cure a cold.

* Put milkweed juice on a wart cure it.

* Put a moistened tea bag on a cut to stop the bleeding.

* Apply apple cider vinegar to relieve varicose veins.

* Wash the skin with the vinegar before bedtime to stop night sweats.

* To cure poison ivy and oak
keep the affected areas wet with buttermilk.

* For nausea, motion & morning sickness suck on a lemon wedge.

* To get rid of lice saturate the hair with the Olive oil, cover with a shower cap and leave overnight.

* For a hangover eat chicken soup in morning.

* Eat raw cabbage to dissipate a headache.

* Cover a frostbitten area with the inner side of a banana peel.

* To cure a canker sore apply raw onion to the sore.

* For acne clean your skin thoroughly and apply egg white with a cotton swab. Let it sit for several hours or overnight.

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