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Remove Stains

Milk, Cream, Ice Cream– Pre-soak in cold or warm water for 30 minutes. Wash. Sponge any grease spots with non-flammable dry cleaning solvent. Wash again.

Nail Polish – Sponge with polish remover or banana oil. Wash. If stain remains sponge with denatured alcohol to which a few drops of ammonia have been added. Wash again. Do not use polish remover on acetate or triacetate fabrics.

Paint – Oil base, sponge stains with turpentine, cleaning fluid or paint remover. Pre-treat and wash in hot water. For old stains sponge with banana oil and then with non-flammable dry cleaning solvent. Wash again. Water base- scrape off paint with dull blade. Wash with detergent in water as hot as is for fabric.

Perspiration– Sponge fresh stain with ammonia, old stain with vinegar. Pre-soak in cold or warm water. Rinse. Wash in hottest water safe for fabric. if fabric is yellowed use bleach. If stain still remains, dampen and sprinkle with meat tenderizer or pepsin. Let stand 1 hour. Brush off and wash. For persistent odor, sponge with colorless mouthwash.

Soft Drink– Sponge immediately with cold water and alcohol. Heat and detergent may set stain.

Tea– Sponge or soak with cold water as soon as possible. Wash using detergent and bleach safe for fabric.

These are all suggestions for stain removing and there is no guarantee that it will work or the fabric will not be damaged. If you would like to add to this list please leave a comment. Registered & Protected